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young visionaries lab

Young Visionaries Lab is an innovative program designed to introduce participants to basic principles of project management, strategic communications, scaling, sustainability, and impact measurement, while supporting them to develop the skills and vision needed to pursue a purpose-driven career.


Our vision is that young people can be thought-leaders and innovators in their communities, and shape bold, future-prepared career paths centred around service and social progress.

Our core values lie in diversity and access, youth innovation and leadership, and we aim to equip young people who have a passion for service, with the tools to apply their skills to furthering social good.

Young Visionaries Lab is suitable for anyone:

⚡️ In high school, university, or early career

⚡️ Interested in the social impact space

⚡️ Who has an idea they want to develop to bring about positive change in their community

⚡️ Or anyone who isn't really sure what they want to do, but wants to start somewhere that will have an impact.

Purpose-driven Career

Every meaningful career begins with a clear purpose, something which drives you to get up in the morning. We guide young people in finding theirs, and provide the inspiration and opportunities to put them into action. 

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Project Management

Practical skills required for project development and management, including finance, scaling, ideation, systems strategy, and networking, taught by experienced industry professionals.

Impact measurement

Impactful and sustainable projects require careful planning, effective evaluation, and constant adaptation and improvement. We aid young people in understanding the best way to manage change and social impact through their work.

Strategic Communication

Networking, collaboration, co-design, personal branding and marketing are all essential skills for an impactful career. We both teach and involve youth in these processes to uplift their voices and contributions across sectors.

What people say

YVL is an amazing source of information and resources for people looking to build start-ups, social ventures, or any kind of project. They brought in a huge range of speakers from across the not-for-profit, NGO, youth empowerment, social enterprise and change-making fields, all of whom had really valuable knowledge to share and all of whom were keen to be contacted and give advice on our own projects.


Our theory of change

Past Speakers

want to run a yvl program at your organisation?

No two programs are the same - we work with you to tailor a program which meets your objectives and engaged your unique audience. 

If you are ready to dive into the sphere of social impact and leadership, or want to expand the existing skills of young people in your organisation, get in touch with your organisation's name and purpose, and we'll arrange a meeting to discuss your needs and the best way to design a program for you. 

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