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We’re expanding our team at Radiant as we kickstart our latest project

The program aims to address inequities in educational and career opportunities available to rural high school students in WA, involving a series of events which will require contributions from a number of roles detailed below. 

We’re not looking for people with a tonne of experience in particular - we want people who have passion for the cause and projects we’re working towards. If you’re not sure whether you have all the listed skills to take on one of these roles, we ask you to apply anyway - a lack of confidence is the biggest barrier to progress, and we’d love to see you stepping up to the plate. Skills are just one element of how we’ll be assessing applications - we’re mainly looking at your fit and ability to work with the team, your enthusiasm, and commitment.

  • Applicants are preferably WA based, but remote applications will be considered for some roles.

  • Applications close August 13, 2021

  • All roles are for a 12-month period, with the possibility of extension

  • All roles are on a voluntary basis 

  • All roles require an average 2-4 hour weekly commitment for 2021

​​Grants writer

Key roles

  • Conduct research to locate viable grants to fund Radiant operations

  • Regularly complete and submit applications for new grants under Radiant

  • Keep up to date with Radiant projects and values in order to make applications in line with our operations and ethos

  • Follow through with successful grants to maintain communication with the supplier as required, and advise Radiant of any conditions of the awarded grant​

Key skills

  • Ability to consistently research and locate viable grants

  • Adept writing, persuasive, and expressive abilities

  • Consistent communication both with the internal team and any awarders of grants

  • Able to select prospective grants in alignment with Radiant values

Financial director
Key roles
  • Undertaking cost analyses and budgeting

  • Creating and disseminating sponsorship packs

  • Setting up and managing sponsorships for events

  • Managing team and event finances

Key skills
  • Basic financial skills

  • Strong communication and persuasive writing skills

  • Ability to maintain connections with key sponsors and secure strong partnerships

  • Understanding of cost analysis and budgeting

Social media manager
Key roles
  • Liaise with Marketing and Media Strategist to schedule content for Radiant’s social media pages

  • Create and share content to foster community, promote Radiant’s activities, and maintain a consistent brand presence via new and existing projects

  • Maintain the brand image and design code

Key skills
  • Strong understanding of different social media platforms, mostly Instagram and Facebook

  • Ability to create content and graphics in line with the design code

  • Ability to increase engagement on social media accounts

  • Succinct, engaging, and persuasive writing ability

Director of partnerships and community
Key roles
  • Establishing and managing relationships with schools

  • Building trust with schools to create partnerships with the program

  • Liaise with schools and other key non-sponsorship partners

  • Building culture and a continuing sense of community between event attendees by providing opportunities, organising and engaging in events, fostering inclusivity and shared identity

Key skills
  • Strong communication skills

  • Preferably some experience in managing and organising groups of people

  • Creativity in creating community and connection

Event manager
Key roles
  • Managing event team

  • Booking venues

  • Creating and disseminating itineraries

  • Managing and arranging transport, meals, packing, and other tour-related items

  • Liaison and training of volunteers and event attendees

  • Creating policies which reflect both legal requirements and key values of Radiant

Key skills
  • Strong people-organising skills

  • Ability to communicate with a wide array of audiences

  • Proficient writer

  • Punctual and organised

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