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Bright Generation

Empowering rural and regional students to become their greatest selves

Compared to their metropolitan counterparts, rural, regional, and remote young Australians face significant challenges in completing their education and pursuing higher education opportunities. Unequal access to support, career advice, and aspiration-raising initiatives contribute to this issue.

That's where Bright Generation comes in.

Our youth-led teams provides transformative career education to regional and remote students in years 9-12, chipping away at the root cause of this problem and helping students access education opportunities.


Our one-day travelling careers fair and workshop brings together young change-makers and industry representatives to provide unique mentorship to students, to answer their questions, and to foster their ambitions.


Our workshops are designed to support students in creating a clear path towards their dreams, combining aspiration- building and strategic career design activities, so students leave with both the inspiration and practical steps to achieving their goals.

One-day Workshop

We offer the opportunity for students to join us on a fully- funded city trip to their state capital. Students can shadow and learn from career mentors, tertiary students, or professionals across their fields of potential interest, creating a unique and transformative experience. The city trip is bespoke, designed in collaboration with students to meet their specific needs and interests.

City trip

Following the one-day event, we provide students with one-on-one individual mentorship to equip them with the opportunities, networks, and skills to achieve their highest ambitions and become their best selves.


Our advisors provide a suite of opportunities to enrich students’ learning, development, exposure to industry experience, academia, and ongoing employment and learning opportunities, while also developing a rich portfolio of skills and experiences that prepare them to take on a diverse, challenging world of work.

Mentors + Community

Schools receive a compiled, relevant list of scholarship opportunities available for rural students to attend tertiary institutions across the country. Students have the potential to change their lives and impact entire communities.

Scholarship Database

The program is entirely developed and facilitated by young people who, as recent graduates, are uniquely positioned to resonate with students.


Bright Generation is inspired and informed by the National Regional, Rural and Remote Tertiary Education Strategy and other research to maximise its impact.


The program is designed with input from young people with lived experience in regional education and consultation and feedback from schools and community leaders.


3 schoolS

We've delivered Bright Gen to three schools, with five more on the way in 2023.

50+ Students

We've impacted over 50 regional and rural high school students.


of students said that they felt more confident making decisions about their future as a result of the program.


of teachers said that the program was beneficial for their students.

Delivered to
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Mukinbudin DHS Logo.png
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Teacher, Mukinbudin District High School

"The RADIANT Bright Generation Program is the best careers incursion we have had at Mukinbudin DHS. The main edge this organisation has is having young mentors who are school-aged or freshly out of school — they relate to the students and meaningfully engage with them. The program is delivered in a fresh and exciting format — the students laughed a lot, created actionable career plans and felt safe goal planning for the future."


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