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about radiant

This is for the bold. The go-getters, trend-setters, the change-makers, ground-breakers.

This is for you - through our workshops, programs, and community, we connect young people with the opportunities, networks, skills and inspiration to design and live the future they want. At the core of our operations is the goal of good - giving back to our communities, pushing for progress, and building a better world for all to share. 


At Radiant, our vision is that young people can be empowered thought-leaders and innovators in their communities, and shape bold, future-prepared career paths centred around service and social progress. We believe that young people offer immense potential to the world, and strive towards a future in which all young people have the courage and tools to pursue their greatest selves. 




Caffeine dependent. Part-time law student and full-time opportunity seeker, she writes a lot of workshops and has a lot of wild ideas here at RADIANT. Too many for her own good, really.

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Jack of all trades, master of none. He made the website, helps to develop and facilitate programs and dabbles in media. Also serves as a big trampoline for ideas to bounce off and spirits to be lifted.

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Cat lover and stress eater - but knows her way around Photoshop. Liz first joined us to help with Radiant’s creative direction, until she was appointed as our media strategist and graphic designer.

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We're kind of always looking for new talent and inspiring young people to work with. If you think you'd be keen to take on a role at RADIANT at some point, let us know! That way, you'll be the first to know when we have new roles on offer, and we'll keep an eye out for any way you could contribute to our operations. 



This was never the plan.

Radiant started as Frelsi & Limone, which we had planned to run in a social enterprise-centred model based on international projects and crowdfunding. Nevertheless, one pandemic and one cancelled world tour later, we had to adjust our goals.

Like many things, it’s often clearer to envision the development of Radiant in stages.

CHAPTER 1: The end of our original vision for Frelsi & Limone meant we were sort of wandering down a path with no direction. We knew the goal we wanted to achieve - a generation of confident, empowered, visionary youth - but didn’t know how we were getting there.

CHAPTER 2: Inspiration strikes. Young Visionaries Lab is created. Many cold emails, some rejections, and a lot of connections later, we completed our first social change incubator program. We didn’t predict that through the process, F&L would be given a renewed sense of clarity. We needed a new name, too (nobody could pronounce the old one - and it just wasn’t us).

CHAPTER 3: Drawing in. An intense period of self-reflection and creation. Our wonderful friend Liz joins the team. We’re given the opportunity to run Young Visionaries Lab again in collaboration with an amazing organisation - this time for an audience on the East coast (stay tuned!). We’re fostering connections with some incredible people. Inspiration strikes another time - and we’ve got more projects in store which we can’t wait to share with you. We’re finding our voice and our place. Radiant is born.

CHAPTER 4: We’re still writing this one. We don’t pretend to know all the answers, and we know we still have so much to learn. But we keep moving. Because we’re working towards a big goal - a world where young people have the opportunities and skills to fulfil their highest potential. Where they can be the change they wish to see in their communities, where they can rise while lifting others around them too. Where youth are recognised for their skills and talents, where their greatest ambitions are within their reach. Where we all have the ability to make the world around us better. That’s the world we want to live in. And we’d love to take you along for the journey too.

Are you in?

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